MTAM’s psychometric quality

In 2009 and 2010, a pilot test was conducted with approximately 200 people. The psychometric evaluation shows good reliability for all sub-indices and for the main dimensions WHAT and HOW. Factor analysis also shows that the questions belong to each factor according to the theoretical structure. Overall, the statistical analyses show that there is strong support for the MTAM-model.


Cronbach’s alpha shows (2010) that the values fall within what are generally considered satisfactory levels (> .70).

Factor structure

A confirmatory factor analysis was performed (2010) which shows a simple structure and support for a seven-dimensional solution.

Further testing

In the spring of 2019, the MTAM Group conducted new psychometric tests of the tool. This time an in- depth analysis was carried out in which the entire MTAM-model was tested on an extended selection of individuals and groups (N = 867 & 70 groups). The size of the groups varied and had between 3 to 16 group members (Mean = 9.69; SD = 2.9) and data were collected on 1-3 occasions.

In all cases, data were collected at training events organized by certified MTAM-users. Slightly more than half (55%) of the individuals of the measured management teams worked in the public sector and the remaining (45%) worked in the private sector.

The tests again show that the MTAM-model to a good degree shows reliability and validity of the measurement and in practice. The study also shows that MTAM has the unique advantage of being

the only measurement tool of its kind able to detect differences on group level between two measurement occasions. This puts MTAM in a unique position to be used in management team development that no other instrument has.